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Hello Folks,

My name is KnottaMouse and I am very pleased to meet you.

Now, before I forget, I must remember to tell you that I am a rat, not a mouse. A water-rat to be precise, and my friends here in Doo-B-Doodle Town like to call me Knotty, for short. That’s because I am a tad forgetful, so to help myself remember things, I tie knots around my paws and belt with pieces of string. But then sometimes I forget what it is that I’m supposed to be remembering!

Do you do that or am I the only one?

My friends Dolly and Tinkaboo made me a brilliant ‘To Doo-B-Doo List’ last week and now I keep a big pile of them in my house and each day I try and remember to write down all the things I am supposed to do. Clever huh?

What else can I tell you about me? Oh yes. I live and run KnottaMouse House and Boat Yard and I am passionate about boats and sailing, and really like fixing things too with pieces of old rope and bits of string.

I’m also quite good at making things out of pieces of old wood.  Every day I go down to the beach and collect old drift wood. Little Tinkaboo likes to come along and help too.

I made him a boat once and I never heard the last of it! He was so over the moon. I must say, Dolly has brought him up terribly well. He’s such a polite little chap. Always remembers to say please and thank you. Yes, he’s a real little gent and a credit to her.

I’m thinking of making Dolly a sign to hang outside her cottage. It would say, THE COTTAGE. What do you think? I’m pretty sure she’d like that.

Anyway, I must press on as I’ve lots and lots to do. Well, that’s if I can remember where I left my To Doo-B-Doo List!

Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Best wishes



KnottaMouse’s Fact File

Good at:

Misplacing things
Painting boats
Reading maps
Carving wood

Not very good at:

Remembering stuff
Remembering names

Favourite colour: Pale blue
Best friend: Faye

Likes to:

Fix things
Polish his boat
Go to the beach


Making things out of wood
Collecting rope and string


The Doo-B-Doo Crew

So, if you enjoy making things and doing nice things for your friends too, then why not come and join our special new club, The Doo-B-Doo Crew, where you can download all the beautiful things we’ve made.

Dolly’s grandma used to tell her “Doing nice things for others is what makes the world a kinder place and it makes you feel good too.”

Tell someone today that you Doo-B-Doo love them, and remind them with a cute little card!
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Foolow us on Facebook