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Hello Everyone,

My name is Dolly Doodles and I live in Doo-B-Doodle Town with my BFF (Best Furry Friend!), Tinkaboo and our very clever teddy airbat, Willamina.

Tinkaboo and I love making beautiful things out of paper and card. We’ve even started our very own crafting club called  The Doo-B-Doo Crew. It was Willa’s birthday last week so we made her a special bookmark so that she wouldn’t keep losing her place in her fave book. And she loved it!
We also enjoy making Birthday cards and Thank You cards, matching gift boxes, bags and name tags too. It’s brilliant fun giving them as surprise presents to our family and friends because it makes them smile and feel happy.

In our spare time, Tinkaboo and I also like to travel and collect new materials for our paper crafts. In fact, we’ve only just got back from Muddle-Puddle, which was a really funny place. You’ll never believe it but everything was either upside-down, inside-out or back-to-front… even the houses!

You can read all about it in our first book, if you like.

It’s called Dolly Doodles and her adventures in Muddle-puddle.

The next places to visit on our ‘To Doo-B-Doo Travel List’ are Grumbleweed Grove and then Rosy Bay. We can’t wait!


Dolly Doodles xx

Dolly's Fact File

Good at:

Caring for others and helping her friends
Crafting things with paper and card

Not very good at:

Pronouncing difficult words
Reading some things.

Favourite colour: Pink
Best friend: Tinkaboo

Likes to:

Keep all her important things in boxes, bags and cases
Cut her own fringe every two weeks
Talk to the animals
Tie her own shoes laces about a hundred times a day because Tinkaboo keeps untying them


Travelling, making new friends and helping them
Making beautiful things out of card and paper
Playing shops and hairdressers with Tinkaboo
Doodling and drawing


The Doo-B-Doo Crew

So, if you enjoy making things and doing nice things for your friends too, then why not come and join our special new club, The Doo-B-Doo Crew, where you can download all the beautiful things we’ve made.

Dolly’s grandma used to tell her “Doing nice things for others is what makes the world a kinder place and it makes you feel good too.”

Tell someone today that you Doo-B-Doo love them, and remind them with a cute little card!
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