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My name is Faye and I live in Doo-B-Doodle Town. I am a mouse and I love everything and anything to do with fashion.

I always dreamed of having friends and a real home and being popular. So when I arrived here in Doo-B-Doodle Town and became a member of the Doo-B-Doo Crew, all my hopes and dreams and wishes suddenly came true!

Thanks to Mrs Wittering, who very kindly taught me, I can now sew too. She is soooooooo clever. She can sew, cross-stitch AND knit and she makes tonnes of brilliant toys, dresses and even cushions. Look! I made myself a patchwork dress last week. What do you think? Do you like it?

I also recently opened a special card and gift shop. I built it all on my own out of old cardboard boxes that I covered with multi-coloured patches. It looks great. Have you seen it? Dolly and Tinkaboo made me the paper patches and I coloured them in and stuck them on. I’m still trying to think of a name for my shop, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. You can e-mail Dolly and she will pass your messages on to me.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and everyone clubbed together and gave me a beautiful pink Polaroid camera. I will treasure it forever.But now I’m completely obsessed with taking pictures!

I’ve just taken a GREAT one of Tinkaboo standing in Daisy’s pink spotty flowerpot. I gave it to Dolly and she made a lovely Thank you card with it. Have you seen it?

Hey, everyone, it was fab speaking to you.

See you all soon.


Faye xx  


Faye’s Fact File

Good at:

Making things to wear
Decorating her cardboard shop
Colouring in
Helping her friends

Not very good at:

Thinking of names for her shop
Speaking loudly

Favourite colour: Pale blue
Best friend: KnottaMouse

Likes to:

Play shops
Make things for her friends
Have a giggle


Sewing and needle craft
Taking everyone’s photo
Taking photos for Dolly’s greetings cards


The Doo-B-Doo Crew

So, if you enjoy making things and doing nice things for your friends too, then why not come and join our special new club, The Doo-B-Doo Crew, where you can download all the beautiful things we’ve made.

Dolly’s grandma used to tell her “Doing nice things for others is what makes the world a kinder place and it makes you feel good too.”

Tell someone today that you Doo-B-Doo love them, and remind them with a cute little card!
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Foolow us on Facebook

Foolow us on Facebook