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Hello Everyone,

My name is Tinkaboo and I live in Doo-B-Doodle Town with my best friend, Dolly Doodles and our clever teddy airbat, Willamina.

I haven’t actually learnt to write all words yet, so Willa is writing this letter for me. The only words she has taught me to write so far are iDoo-B-Doo love you and iDoo-B-Doo thank you.

My favourite things in the whole wide world are Dolly’s upside-down tickles and her itchy-scratchys, and I doo-b-doo love it when she gives me big hugs and cuddles too.  And my second favourite thing is digging up our vegetable patch looking for new things to eat that Dolly buried in there last year. Oh, and I love eating biscuits too!

Sometimes, if I’m really good, my friend Za-Za Puscat makes me her very special Doo-B-Biscuits and I’m allowed two every day until they are all gone.

Dolly is really brilliant at making things out of paper and card and I help by collecting things like hearts, stars and leaves that I find along the way.  You see, we’ve started a club called the Doo-B-Doo Crew. It’s for making beautiful things. You can join too!

I’m ever so good now at shredding paper and loo rolls, and I love the sound of paper bags when you scrunch them.

In fact I often get so excited that I accidentally shred a card or bag that we’ve only just made.

Then I get told off by Dolly and we have to make new ones.


Tinkaboo xx

Tinkaboo's Fact File

Good at:

Finding and collecting things
Burying things
Shredding paper and loo rolls
Eating biscuits
Saying please and thank you

Not very good at:

Reading and writing yet
Being patient

Favourite colour: Pink
Best friend: Dolly and then Willa

Likes to:

Untie Dolly’s shoe laces
Eat biscuits
Help Dolly
Pick flowers and give them to Dolly


Playing shops and hairdressers with Dolly
Going for walks and playing paw-ball
Travelling and collecting new things for crafting
Eating biscuits
Helping Dolly make things


The Doo-B-Doo Crew

So, if you enjoy making things and doing nice things for your friends too, then why not come and join our special new club, The Doo-B-Doo Crew, where you can download all the beautiful things we’ve made.

Dolly’s grandma used to tell her “Doing nice things for others is what makes the world a kinder place and it makes you feel good too.”

Tell someone today that you Doo-B-Doo love them, and remind them with a cute little card!
Join Now! Doo-B-Doo Crew
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