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Bonjour Mes Amis,

Je m’ appelle Za-Za Puscat .
I am a beautiful white cat and I run Doo-B-Doodle Town’s bakery, zee famous Za-Za’s Patisserie.

I ‘a ve always loved to cook and to bake. Even as a leetle kitten I used to pretend I ‘ad my own baker’s shop in my mama’s kitchenette. I would bake many delicious cupcakes and all my friends would come and ‘ave tea and taste my cooking. How popular I was! And since those days I ‘ave dreamt of ‘aving my own shop. In fact not a single day ‘as passed when I ‘ave not hoped and dreamt and wished that this would come true. And voilà! It ‘as ‘appened! O là-là, I am so proud.

It is true what they say, zee best way to someone’s heart is through zee tummy!

I love to live in Doo-B-Doodle Town. Everyone is verrrrrrry kind and we help one another like a purr-fect family!

My best friend is Tinkaboo. I like him a lot a lot alot! O là-là!

He is sooooo funny, sometimes bringing me things he has found in Dolly’s vegetable garden.

The little puppy thinks that Dolly buries things for no reason at all, but of course she is planting seeds and bulbs and little plants so that they might grow big. We don’t tell Tinkaboo this, ‘owever, because it very funny! Non?

And you, too, must share this secret and promise never to tell him! O là-là!

One more thing to confess, dear friends… In my spare time, I like to sing and dance in front of my mirror, using my furbrush as a microphone.

O là-là! Là -à! Là -à!

One day I will sing something for you! Yes? No? Oui? Non? Yes!

Big kisses,

Za-Za xx



Za-Zas Fact File

Good at:

Making cakes
Singing and dancing
Creating new recipes
Helping her friends

Not very good at:

Remembering things
Keeping the bakery tidy when baking

Favourite colour: Pink and green
Best friend: Tinkaboo

Likes to:

Play shops
Make cakes and pies for her friends
Secretly admire Tinkaboo


Singing and dancing
Looking beautiful


The Doo-B-Doo Crew

So, if you enjoy making things and doing nice things for your friends too, then why not come and join our special new club, The Doo-B-Doo Crew, where you can download all the beautiful things we’ve made.

Dolly’s grandma used to tell her “Doing nice things for others is what makes the world a kinder place and it makes you feel good too.”

Tell someone today that you Doo-B-Doo love them, and remind them with a cute little card!
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Foolow us on Facebook